t is the prospect of chatter group purchase, whether clear as in the past

as a new product of group purchase in twenty-first Century, virtually change to change our life, and the group purchase website is made of every hue selection itself is full of doubt. Just like the choice itself will only reduce the satisfaction, because in a variety of comparisons, we are more uncertain about their choice of group buying is not optimal, similar to a kind of picking up the psychology of barley. In the face of today’s market, it is full of a lot of problems. Today, we are talking about how to look at the development of the market to buy


first of all, all kinds of buy site is full of our lives, on the one hand, to bring more selectivity to our lives, but another aspect of our lives have a lot of trouble. Why do you say so? Buy site threshold is low, so a variety of buy site hierarchy is not clear, a lot of online shopping site which is a lot of false information. For example, group purchase website for their own gain, often through some preferential way to attract businesses, but businesses will take advantage of the loophole, the release of some seemingly attractive, but is not standardized or similar nature of the fishing group purchase information. The authenticity of the information does not really affect the credibility of the group itself, and it also gives the public to buy a small impact. In response to this, in fact, the market is not the norm itself, because it is a relatively new market, in the course of the operation there are many areas need to be improved.

secondly, the market now has the strength of the phenomenon of large disparity. On the one hand, we see the U.S. group, Juhuasuan has group purchase website visibility directly occupy most of the market resources, and the small group purchase website on the other hand, various types and want to. This is a war without smoke, for the United States and other large group buying site, how to maintain a stronger competitive advantage in this is the point must be considered. For small group buying site, how to stand out in the fierce competition, it is definitely not just think about or talk about the problem. As far as consumers are concerned, this makes the choice diversity. But also let the choice becomes more difficult with the mass quality for the product itself, the price and service value, choice itself becomes more difficult for sellers, this is also a big problem. While the market resource itself is limited, how to make use of limited resources more adequately, this is a difficult problem, such as how to catch the most loyal buyers, how can let each become a popular group purchase habits.

, at the same time, buy the market in the end how attractive it? We are still thinking about it, not only need to bring the masses to buy cheap, but more need for convenience. Cheap is explained from the price, preferential things, of course, has great appeal. However, the existing convenience needs to be further optimized. Overall, the United States at this point in the continuous optimization, whether it is the site itself, or the existing APP, but there are still many other group buying site is not satisfactory. If the site can not buy convenience

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