Ma Yun China’s 90% electricity supplier to make money on Taobao

WCC: November 24th

, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba in Xinjiang Ma e-commerce development forum said today, Xinjiang has so many unique products, how to sell is a problem. But every problem is the opportunity of the future, the market must be in the great opportunities, great challenges.

Ma trip trip to Xinjiang, mainly to promote the depth of cooperation between Alibaba and Xinjiang. The night before, the the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region people’s government and the Alibaba Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement to jointly build the "digital Xinjiang Internet", focuses on e-commerce, logistics, cloud computing and Internet Finance four plates.

every problem is a chance for the future

talked about the development of e-commerce opportunities in Xinjiang, Ma Yun believes that Xinjiang has a unique advantage: I also bought a lot of Xinjiang’s agricultural products on the internet. With the development of China’s middle class, we all need Xinjiang’s original products and services. China’s environment, China’s water, China’s soil, it is difficult to find such a good place in Xinjiang."

Ma Yun said that today we believe that Xinjiang products are very good, but how to sell out is a problem. Entrepreneurs are most looking forward to hear people complain, complain is business opportunities. Today, there are so many days of Xinjiang thick products, has not been found around the world, this is the opportunity.

today, Xinjiang has a lot of challenges, there are a lot of talent issues, sales issues, service issues, then every problem is a chance for the future.

today’s e-commerce in Xinjiang has just begun." Ma Yun said that the opportunity to see the Alibaba is to provide products and services to the world of Xinjiang, the future of cross-border e-commerce will also be the focus of attention.

data show that in the first half of 2014, Xinjiang sellers in Taobao Tmall Xinjiang in 2013 amounted to 1 billion 308 million yuan; 1688 platform sales 214 million yuan, an increase of 1883%, net sales growth characteristics of agricultural products in the forefront of the country.

from the Alibaba 1688 platform trading situation, important agricultural products of Xinjiang rapid sales growth: the most popular consumer side is red dates and walnuts, 2014 sold nearly 500 tons of red dates, red dates only in September, online transactions reached 90 tons, year-on-year growth last year by more than 2 times; walnut market demand is more robust by 1688, the first half of 2014, sales reached nearly 600 tons of walnuts, 10 times higher than 2013.

next, Alibaba will further help Xinjiang, expand the advantages and characteristics of the transfer of goods to send fruit.

through the smooth logistics channels, the fruit products and handicrafts of Xinjiang specialty products production, sales, purchasing, and domestic and foreign markets seamless docking, increase income and create better conditions for farmers and herdsmen.

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