Taobao fake victims questioned payment difficult

"you dare I dare to lose is Taobao in 2010 CCTV 3· hit 15 before the party slogan," 100 million fake fund "," 500 customer service ", so many people, so much money to fake. However, according to a survey of the implementation of the reporter on Taobao "lost three" consumer protection plan, buyers want to get the payment is difficult from this "100 million fake fund".

one hundred million yuan consumer protection fund is not enough?

in Taobao "lost three" service rules, triumphantly thousand words, but for the buyers claim explain only a rule, "the buyer’s claims in accordance with relevant laws and regulations in the form of". Because of this vague explanation, in the buyers and the rights of communication, Taobao "weird" one after another.

friends Mike in businesses do not fit the situation, difficult to get fake certificates in the Taobao customer service telephone consultation, the other requirements of the certificate upload photos, and stressed that the photos should be able to clearly identify the red seal pattern, but the picture size is not more than 300K. Xiao Li did not understand: the bigger the picture, of course, the more clear, Taobao customer service is obviously contradictory, it is difficult to do." To this end, Xiao Li conducted a variety of attempts, or by scanning to improve the clarity of the seal, or black and white photos with color photos together with the identification, the results of the other party or not inform. Xiao Li also proposed to provide an e-mail to each other, he will send photos in the past, the other did not care. Xiao Li has not yet solved the problem, he said: I think it is very difficult to apply for a false three, unlike the TV ads that."

3G online shopping card fraud Zhang to Taobao customer service complaints requires payment, Taobao replied: "because of too many complaints, the money can not be seller account excess payment, so the rest of the money can not be recovered, if you can report a larger amount of money involved, we will cooperate with the investigation." Although Taobao has explained afterwards, but such irresponsible official reply still surprised. Taobao has since hit 100 million yuan, the first payment, is the huge consumer protection fund is not enough to use?

consumer protection committee criticized Taobao push Royal responsibility

more shocking is that Taobao customer service personnel in the small buyers issue fake proof and refused to refund the seller and insisted on "lost three", asked Xiao Zhou to provide Industrial and Commercial Bureau issued "confiscated letter" to support, otherwise only support the return. Shanghai City Consumer Protection Committee official told reporters that if Taobao to consumers made "confiscated letter", apparently to shirk responsibility, the consumer should argue, asked Taobao to better cope with the consumer, report to the local Industrial and Commercial Bureau fakes, and with the implementation of Industrial and Commercial Bureau "confiscated" and other law enforcement measures.

reporter interviewed more than a dozen Taobao buyers, most of them have been conclusive evidence of counterfeit, but ultimately no one received payment. According to the two diamond buyers Miss Wang said that the current encounter fakes, Taobao will generally recommend return processing, and

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