Taobao bag post definition has changed! Add two limit buyer behavior

Taobao on the Taobao rules in the package post definition and limit buyers behavior content updated, the rules change will take effect on January 17, 2017.

news January 9th, the relevant rules of the "Taobao rules" in "shipping" and "limited buyers behavior" change made the announcement, update the content definition and shipping "restrict buyers behavior". The rule changes will take effect on January 17, 2017.

online business reporter learned that the "mail" is defined with the new changes, from the original "means the seller of goods sold in mainland China for the first time for shipment of freight" into "refers to the seller of goods sold in the designated area within the promised buyer shipping freight for the first time". The so-called first shipment of freight, refers to the first shipment of goods shipped by the seller. As for shipping goods back, the replacement is the postage, need to refer to the "Taobao" dispute settlement rules processing.

at the same time, the seller is concerned about the first time and the first heavy understanding of the relationship between the two, the electricity supplier online reporter learned that, for the first time is not equal to the first heavy. According to the latest publicity content, no matter how much the weight of the goods, the seller should bear all the goods shipped goods for the first time shipping.

in addition, it is worth mentioning that this time on the restriction of the buyer’s behavior and increased the two measures, including a total ban on Taobao member collection of goods, add shopping cart, buy goods.

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