2012 will be the e-commerce industry, the date of the year

recently, China’s e-commerce industry into the end of 2011, the entire industry has entered the winter. Review of the history in 2000, behind the Internet in domestic stir is a huge bubble, wear a break. 2000, China began to sprint overseas listing. "Listing, listing, listing!!!" is the common ideal and slogan of almost all Chinese Internet companies. The most sensational is that a bowl of.Com was written on the beggars can get tens of millions of dollars in venture capital. In fact, any industry has started -> development of -> climax -> the decline of these four segments, which is the law of the market.


e-commerce industry winter (speed transit network plan)

at present, due to the domestic group purchase industry speculation, behind the fanaticism of a huge crisis, in 2012 will face great challenges. For example: there are three people in this piece of "cake", very sweet, very sweet. When more people find this cake when suddenly there are hundreds, thousands of people come in to grab this cake, but how many people can eat cake it?

below, cited the recent encounter e-commerce industry storm:

October in October, Taobao mall significantly increased the technical service fees and breach of contract into the seller, resulting in the Taobao 10.11 event".

November 25th, Jingdong mall recovered the full court free shipping signs, since 25, the amount of less than $39 order to charge $5 freight, logistics cost savings to deal with the current crisis.

December 5th, dangdang.com 809 breach of contract case, sentencing in Beijing Dongcheng District people’s court, the court verdict dangdang.com delivered Ms. Qian and other parties to buy books, dangdang.com claims to a major misunderstanding on the revocation of the contract, there is no factual and legal basis. In addition, Dangdang in the last year to achieve profitability, but in the recent two consecutive earnings losses.

December January, clothing electricity supplier overseas VANCL IPO midway through the emergent changes; the largest electricity supplier of letao footwear although this year’s sales rose 500% over last year, but still conceal behind the pain of loss.

December 5th, known as the "B2C China media published the first" Mcglaughlin in the three quarter net loss of $14 million 400 thousand, compared with the same period last year appeared from surplus to deficit, today’s share price has shrunk by 90%.

December 1st, Chengdu Industrial and Commercial Bureau network supervision department responsible person, in accordance with the "one shop according to relevant regulations, such as the Chengdu Railway Station 24 tickets in Chengdu to engage in business activities must apply for business license, once verified unlicensed behavior will be punished for its


December 5th, the media reported that the Huha website homepage by hackers to hang out a huge picture, hackers >

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