Enterprise electricity supplier promotion, you have to play

with the continuous penetration of Internet on people’s daily life, it is with the development of the electricity supplier website. Many individuals and businesses are no longer satisfied with the Taobao store on the minor, are keen to establish their own independent shop. Throughout the whole network, electricity supplier brand growth for tycoon level less and less, but really not burn make the brand is very rare, the domestic electricity business staged more picture is the quality of the price of scrimmage situation, the war will inevitably be together and affecting the fish, derived from the electric business saying: Ten electric nine dead. Even so, every enterprise wants to be a close call after the baptism, lucky. In my opinion, the brand is the core competitiveness of the electricity supplier companies, but also the survival of the enterprise power.

traced the root cause of the success of the domestic electricity supplier brand success is not difficult to find, its success lies in the branding and publicity. No matter how much the two ad, how stiff the slogan, repeated around you will also be incorporated into your memory, which is called the brand effect. To achieve this effect, there is no financial support to expand the brand or not. Of course, a small investment can still be successful, as the electricity supplier companies, able to survive and continue to profit is successful. I think the electricity supplier brand is divided into three stages, the prototype of the brand, brand building, brand promotion and profitability. The following push hands to help Yin to detail the following three stages:

a, electricity supplier prototype

electricity supplier prototype we have to do is to consider the support of the brand, nothing more than the product, audience groups, product display platform, etc.. In the meantime, we have to determine the brand name, registered trademark, domain name, buy the server, build a website, etc.. Then is the site staff recruitment, general business enterprise to have the customer service website, website editor, customer service customer service and logistics personnel, an electricity supplier brand is normal, single from the division of enterprise employees of the Department is reasonable or not can be seen.

two, branding period

brand shaping period is the main content of the electricity supplier brand packaging and publicity, I served dozens of business electricity supplier, there are some just started. The personal feeling of brand building is a process that electricity providers rely on Baidu products, the establishment of enterprises in accordance with the Baidu encyclopedia, Wikipedia content and then do some Baidu know, upload some enterprise data Baidu library, enough time can even set up a corporation Baidu post, the relevant enterprises daily post. At the same time can also open the official micro-blog and certification, the general choice of sina and Tencent. The other is information websites and business platform, adhere to the update after a period of time, the enterprise search related content, you will find the relevant pages in Baidu in the enterprise is a more perfect system of Wikipedia, know, library, post, administrative micro-blog and trade platform, which embodies the brand more full.

three, brand promotion and profitability

brand shaping finished, is the brand promotion and profit, in general, the enterprise electricity supplier through the information network >

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