E-commerce outsourcing Black Swan 10 years of experience in a place where there is no one

for entrepreneurs, the most beautiful sea called blue ocean, that is, if the world’s swans are white swans, your best choice is to do a black swan. Not long ago, a friend in Shanghai proudly told me that he was ready to engage in a new industry – e-commerce outsourcing. Sounds very beautiful, but the business depends on how to achieve the details of the


my current main business is the operation of the site consulting, and therefore have a personal experience in this area:

first, how to implement e-commerce outsourcing

?The composition of

e-commerce business by the online system and offline system, which includes online website operation system (planning, construction, operation, marketing, customer service) and electronic payment; line of business includes design, production, inventory, logistics and customer service.

if you want to engage in e-commerce outsourcing business, you must understand:

1, you must be an e-commerce expert, you can engage in planning, consulting, consulting business.

2, you must set up the operating team, you can provide the site, including operations, promotion, customer service.

3, in the face of big brands, you also need to provide after-sales, warehousing, logistics service integration capabilities.

4, as early as the electricity supplier business products are mostly 3C products, low profit margins, then you must form the scale of the operation of the business, or can not afford the perfect service cost pressures.

With regard to

, workshop operation up to outsourcing a Taobao store operation; with 2 to 3 years can be a company of Taobao mall business operation; have sufficient financial strength and professional team can operate independent B2C mall business. This is by no means an overnight business, but it is very profitable.

two, who is the e-commerce hosting business customers

people who do not have the experience of consulting industry must think that the service industry is the old soil cap, because the more the need to learn soil. In fact, this is the wrong idea, McKinsey’s main customers are the world’s top 500, the more in front of the more willing to spend money on services. As far as e-commerce outsourcing is concerned, we need to analyze the customer’s needs:

1, at present, the scale of e-commerce is enough to make any enterprise move, "2010 year China e-commerce market data monitoring report" shows that in 2010 Chinese e-commerce market turnover has reached 4 trillion and 500 billion, an increase of 22%. Among them, the B2B market turnover reached 3 trillion and 800 billion, the online retail market transactions amounted to $513 billion 100 million.

2, the big brand in the face of the actual situation of e-commerce tide Disney company in 1998 will integrate their online business and Infoseek, the establishment of go.com. In January 2001, Disney closed the website, book loss $790 million. In China, Lining and other brands frequently appear in the field of electricity providers

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