Ministry of Commerce Double eleven false propaganda has improved significantly

Beijing Xinhua (reporter Wang Youling) in November 18, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang 18, said, from the market reflect the situation, the much maligned deficiency problem price, false propaganda, impulsive consumption in the past "double eleven" activities have significantly improved.

Shen Danyang at a regular press conference the Ministry of Commerce said that the Ministry of commerce is the support for the similar "double eleven" promotional activities on the whole, but this kind of promotional activities must be according to the law, and hope that the operation will be more rational. Compared with previous years, this year’s double eleven activities basically meet these requirements.

Shen Danyang said that from the operational point of view, the double eleven activities on the whole more rational. Many businesses will promotion by one point in time stretched to a period of time, the promotion front stretch; also some businesses to actively adopt differentiated competitive strategy, improve the consumer shopping experience; retailers to accelerate the integration of online and offline business, which accelerate the integration of. In addition, cross-border sea Amoy for the first time to participate in promotional activities; consumer shopping mentality is more rational.

according to reports, before the business, industry and commerce, quality inspection and other departments of the requirements on the participation of enterprises is also presented through different ways, to participate in the enterprise to ensure the quality, improve the experience, innovation and other means to do a lot of preparatory work, the majority of enterprises to carry out promotional activities according to the law.

Shen Danyang said in 2014, "double eleven" activities, is involved in the promotion of the business enterprise to create a miracle, is a large-scale promotional activities over the years in most businesses, highlighting the huge role of Electronic Commerce on mining consumption potential. According to reports, Tmall has 2.7 million merchants involved, Taobao Tmall transactions amounted to 57 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 63%; the Jingdong sales amounted to 8 billion 200 million yuan, is 2 times more than last year; other commercial enterprises to participate in the activities of the obtained results are generally far more than last year.

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