Part of the Taobao store back to the current application of fraud to be able to get cash

Taobao on the application after the stage is now back to the scam

law weekend trainee reporter Li containing

received the goods within 24 hours, all the more than 5 stars praise more than 20 words, screenshots to customer service, the establishment of a return of cash of $100 in Hu Jia (a pseudonym) to show the rule of law on the weekend of a coupon, printed with such a sentence.

"I thought it was just a common offer. Who could have thought that this 100 yuan back now, but let me become a problem in the mobile phone rights after the road becomes very bumpy." Hu Jia said.

The original

, this 100 yuan Taobao promised return now, buyers need to apply for a refund through the trading orders to get in the way of customer service. Such a return channel, what are the mysteries?

only once after sale rights opportunity cheated with

at the beginning of March, Hu Jia in a company called millet note experience store "Taobao shop, buy a mobile phone millet note.

Hu Jia told reporters the weekend rule, when the shop only four blue diamond reputation, according to her usual Taobao shopping experience, the store’s reputation is not high.

"but I am in the search for ‘millet note’ in, the store sales are ranked first, the monthly sales reached more than 4 thousand, so I chose it. After all, think there is such a high sales of the store, it should be more reliable." Hu Jia think so, plus the shop home page reads "genuine licensed, Quanguolianbao", and paid the deposit in Taobao, all this let Hu Jia think can buy, then orders turnover.

sign for the goods, Hu Jia found in the package with a piece of praise to return 100 yuan and other content coupons. "100 yuan cash back preferential or very attractive, I think if the mobile phone is genuine, give praise is of no great importance, but also to get 100 yuan in cash, why not? I will go to the official website of millet mobile phone purchase of IMEI identification code, testing is genuine, it gives the seller praise I hope I can get this, 100 yuan cash back." Hu Jia said.

comments issued after Hu Jia informed the millet note experience store "customer service, customer service also told her how to get the $100 cash back:" customer service told me to give praise, the need for this order for customer service, click on the ‘only refund’ option to confirm receipt and fill in the refund amount and reasons a series of operations on the next page. No doubt due to the quality problem of mobile phone, I would do it one by one, really got this 100 yuan cash back."

, however, Hu Jia’s experience is only just beginning.

mobile phone was used for two days, then there was a long time of failure, unable to shut down, unable to restart. I found the city’s millet home to detect the phone and found the phone to steal >

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