The electricity supplier into the capital market hot words traditional department net cited concern

according to the Wall Street Journal reported that Alibaba plans to launch in the United States in September 8th roadshow, 19 days after the official listing of transactions. Alibaba in the disclosure of financial data in the first quarter net profit growth of nearly two times last week. It is expected that Ali will raise up to $20 billion IPO, or into the largest IPO in the history of the United states.

industry insiders said that with the rapid development of e-commerce, people’s spending habits are changing, the traditional retail business model has been challenged, so the need to reshape the sales model. There are several department stores listed companies trying O2O mode.

analysts believe that the industry leader in the market, will further enhance the capital market concerns about the electricity supplier. Previously involved in the field of electricity providers hundred round pants industry and friends of a shares have risen.

A shares in the company, Rainbow Department Store (002419) Twitter Life Tencent jointly build rainbow application platform; red chain (002697) has a partnership with WeChat, Alipay, Su ningyun; Wangfujing (600859) signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in February this year with the Tencent, the Tencent to the company will open its business advantages and mature market. Help to build a full channel service system.

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