Want to grab express business Jingdong launched Jingdong logistics open to the outside world


technology news November 23rd afternoon news, this afternoon, the Jingdong announced the "Jingdong logistics" brand new, and officially announced the Jingdong logistics will be the brand operation mode of all-round opening to the society. At the same time, Jingdong logistics also announced a comprehensive approach to open, intelligent strategic planning, and hopes to become China’s entire business community infrastructure provider.

According to

senior vice president of Jingdong, Jingdong group mall operating system responsible Wang Zhenhui, Jingdong logistics will be open to the public three service system: warehouse with integrated supply chain services, Jingdong and Jingdong logistics courier service cloud services. For consumers, the Jingdong open logistics is the most direct, the future, whether it is in the Jingdong third party merchants or shopping in other shopping platform, consumers can enjoy the same service and logistics Jingdong.

According to

, vice president of Jingdong group Jingdong mall logistics planning and development department director Fu Bing, the current China logistics industry still has a high cost of the supply chain, logistics socialization is not perfect, the season can not guarantee the customer experience and other new industry pain points, suffering a huge challenge to the supply chain transformation of a large number of businesses in the Internet + retail in the aspect of.

Wang Zhenhui said, Jingdong logistics will provide businesses with online and offline, multi platform, all channels, the whole life cycle, the whole supply chain integration of logistics service products. To this end, Jingdong logistics will open to the community three service system: warehouse with integrated supply chain services, Jingdong courier services and Jingdong logistics cloud services.

except for the whole society and the Jingdong logistics industry to open up, the next step will be through the intelligent level of technology innovation to improve the Jingdong logistics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and robotics technology as the core, improve logistics efficiency and experience the biggest Jingdong. Wang Zhenhui said that Jingdong logistics for intelligent understanding includes three aspects: automation, data operations and intelligent supply chain.

Wang Zhenhui believes that the Jingdong logistics is the goal of extending to the end consumer services to the entire field of B2C business, build a integration of electricity providers, finance, big data, technology and other resources of the ecosystem, the future, the ecosystem will be the evolution and development continuously in the joint efforts of all parties. Will eventually become the infrastructure Chinese commercial areas, as China’s retail, logistics, consumers and the whole society to create the world’s leading value.

data show that Jingdong logistics after ten years of development, generally through the following three stages:

1, 2007 -2009 is the initial stage.

Jingdong only explore the self built logistics business model, and gradually established its own warehousing and distribution facilities and full self support team, to support the scale of Jingdong business.

2, from 2010 to 2015.

Jingdong logistics through the construction of Asia, to build a standardized logistics Jingdong

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