Do shop promotion is no idea is tantamount to crime

train, drilling exhibition promotion for two years, from the beginning of the unsuspectingly can now be said to be fun, with a strong ability of thinking, the basic skills are solid, the author summed up a truth: do not promote ideas, is tantamount to crime.

this statement is actually in May, when I heard the white clouds mentioned in the course, no matter what the action, drilling exhibition need to have ideas, or do not do. The purpose of this step is to test the location, material, visitors, or something else. Later, I then combined with some of the recent cases encountered, and some of the staff after the promotion of this can be referred to as the slogan.

first a few real cases. Prior to a former colleague is to do art, perhaps feel tired, so she was very envious of me before accepting a drill to promote the promotion of the apprentice. Respect her good luck, if she is in the society after certainly very grateful, not like her ungrateful. My former colleagues would like to learn from me. I want to smile, even if I am willing to receive her tuition to teach her, but only in theory, she did not have the budget, not to improve the technology through the actual combat, is had the water off a duck’s back, forget that. So progress is not to mention. That means when you don’t have a budget, you don’t have any idea.

in November last year, the company recruited 5 people to do promotion, one of which is said to have done the operation for 7 years, as soon as the positioning of the competent. In the years before the actual operation he has been out for half a year. Then is the daily tasks, a group of two people, learning how to set up the train plan, choose keywords, then each in a meeting when people express their views, through the analysis and summary, find the best solution to implement, and then formed a set of system, after continuous replication. The results, when doing the cream of the plan, for every month 200 words, as long as eye cream has a relationship, whether it is Taobao, Baidu for the Jingdong, keywords, find all up. Everyone is looking for pain can not meet the requirements of the 200 key words, because the black eye, bags under the eyes, eye patterns are separate plans, the middle of the key words are repeated. This method is called to find keywords to see what the most effective way, but the boss is still encouraging: side multi keyword means that the opportunity to be many, ready for the double 11. Later, is the daily budget of 400 yuan per program, the number of hits required to achieve. Two weeks later, the boss’s partner panic, originally this project a month to earn a few million yuan, now half a month spent 60 thousand yuan, two months to earn back, and these people one month salary of nearly 20 thousand yuan, in this way, the project is finished.

can be seen from this case, the so-called director is to use the previous ideas to go, in fact, is not their own ideas, but the boss said to spend how much money, how many clicks, the basic

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