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In the evening, and the station network ( in the Zhangzheng graph king telephone communication, I am learning a lot, a success, not to say that a short duration of time things, behind pay, it is often unknown, graph king online, I also online, but the graph king more than I have., more than me, he is really looking at things. And the king’s communication, just know, as Wang said: "direct about things, not a waste of youth" on QQ, has been linked to graph king, didn’t ignore me, perhaps because of my honesty, finally, the king and I talk about map, then I call him. And the king of figure exchange, I am learning quite deep, do a website is not so easy, we must constantly learning and enterprising, and to pay a lot of hard work, patience to do stand, is a spiritual and eternal, that is not a day for two days, do a a station, but also to see the difference between themselves and others in those places, why you can not succeed? Below, I talk about my communication with the king of the map, I summed up the experience of it: first, look at what you are good at, this is the most important, in the direction of your good start. Two, we should not put the goal too far, should not be too close. Goal is the root of the ideal, but we are better, is to seriously do their own before the ideal, you are directed to do the ideal. Three, the development of a station, the rational use of their resources to share with the webmaster, as we provide free hosting. Get some exchange. Achieve friendly cooperation and sharing. Four, good at using his knowledge to earn his first pot of gold business, can the reasonable operation not too mature website. Five, make some success and success is the station of friends, mingle, exchanges and mutual learning together.The

above is my personal income knowledge, purpose and common learning and communication, and would like to know each patient, we also provide limited virtual host and friends exchange station traffic, we hope that the support network:, China Chinese ripple ripple, is in growth and learning, I hope you master generous with your criticism.

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