Biography Groupon joint Tencent into China to buy a small website will open alliance

although the Tencent Inc has remained silent, but the Groupon and group purchase site originator jointly enter the local group purchase market news, spread to more and more with every detail vividly described, so that the full, handle network and other domestic ranking executives before the network group purchase industry held to have top speed will be discussed.

Groupon+ = wolf." In the face of "dangerous situation wolf", group purchase sites have reached a common retreat "alliance agreement".

alliance agreement released

The first time the "small"

network group purchase manager held in January 16th, a full network CEO Feng Xiaohai, CEO Wu Bo, F handle network group CEO lin ning, as well as representatives of the 58 city, cool group and a group of group purchase navigation company. "Small" is intended to engage in a group purchase circle activities, but the activities, we can’t help topic concentrates to the rumors recently the most popular Groupon into China, you made me a, unexpectedly finally negotiated a "joint operations" intent, also reached a verbal agreement Alliance group purchase website.

the spirit of "extensive contact industry company, jointly preparing for Groupon into China" spirit, the alliance agreement between a preliminary agreement: the company shall not attack each other, group purchase, fair competition, do not blindly pull high promotion costs; two, not malicious poaching, pay attention to team construction and maintenance personnel of the company.

participating in the handle network CEO Wu Bo to the daily economic news confirmed the alliance agreement". But for this agreement is binding, Wu Bo said, "at least can put the enemy to find out, the company will be more or less a little attention, now face together is going to enter China Groupon, we hope that this market in the Groupon, can still keep the specification."

full network marketing director Jiang Hu said, the group purchase site is will reach a consensus on this, is because "see, also afraid of the very means of Groupon".

it is understood that the Groupon to enter the market places, always the first to acquire local group purchase the company and the team, also spared no expense to the market, which caused the local market costs, prices of these features in the Groupon in Japan, Singapore has obvious.

also signed an exclusive agreement with the business, deliberately put negative news, and so on, these are the industry companies are clear." Jiang Hu said, "but the consumer does not know behind these bad means, will only see the price of the product."

together in the face of "world of Warcraft" Groupon mood, so that these had all busy competing group purchase website practitioners to sit together to seriously discuss together. An anonymous participants told the "daily economic news", "because it is the first time to meet, so telling a bit of a mess, I think even after talks to the exchange of resources between the group purchase website, to reduce operating costs."


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