UUCall network phone again after a lapse of 2 years is still the old team

network telephone UUCall (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Lei Jianping) July 18th news, in silence for nearly two years after the telephone network UUCall recently came back. Science and technology Tencent was informed that the head of UUCall Wang Jianhua and old team has restarted the domain name UUCall.com, carry out network telephone voice service network.

It is noted that

UUCall leader Wang Jianhua pointed out, had been in operation of UUCall.hk and UUCall.com has no direct relationship, the re launch of UUCall.com also means that Internet phone UUCall formed the true monkey king against the situation.

has been shut down for 4 months was accused of misappropriating run away

it is understood that UUCall is one of the most well-known domestic telephone network, through the software, users can dial global mobile phone, computer any landline, lowest rates of only 0.06 yuan / minute, and zero monthly, no global roaming, which makes UUCall users grow rapidly, the cumulative number of users more than 30 million.

, however, in October 09 UUCall suddenly announced the suspension of use. Because UUCall is used in the prepayment mode, UUCall official is accused of misappropriating run away. Since then, the UUCall site closed down 4 months after the resumption of access, but the domain name points to UUCall.hk, the company has been operating UUCall from the original Hangzhou Heng Heng network into a Hongkong company, and was silent.

it is worth noting that the UUCall team again reached the field of Internet telephony, and restart the domain UUCall.com once again attracted the attention of the UUCall industry.

Tencent science and technology was informed that, after the original class UUCall team to restart the domain name UUCall.com will form a coexistence with UUCall.hk. On the current UUCall.hk user arrears operator then bearing the old UUCall user data and UUCall shut down, the new UUCall.com is to start again, and before the site no direct contact.

from the UUCall.com UUCall.hk page, but by contrast, the two sides is almost VoTune, were declared as like as two peas, VoTune2 voice engine technology with independent intellectual property rights, with the matrix of server architecture throughout the world, the only difference is that, UUCall.hk was founded by the Asia Pacific Technology Group Limited registered in Hongkong.

technology called UUCall Tencent manager Wang Jianhua Wang Jianhua said at the beginning, then set side for the UUCall business and liabilities, but does not have the domain name UUCall.com, now UUCall.com and UUCall.hk is a irrelevant web site. ">

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