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may be a lucrative post played a role, after posting, one after another received some netizens also received some advice, business requirements to help promote the commodity’s request, to tell the truth, these occasional income does not mean that I have much ability, or transport gas more, and you really want to do a Taobao customer, I also learn to accumulate and need time to digest, so for users and businesses for me is really a shame.

because the individual ability is limited, there are many things to do at present, such as site modification, design, test promotion way, SEO and API learning, a book to use square hate less taste, everything is so, imagine that you’re not before you do is one thing, but in the actual operation often encounter many unexpected things and problems, imagination and reality is often a gap. It is no more threshold, the higher the degree of difficulty, really do know Taobao customers a lot to learn, such as basic website technology, at least do you want to change the template will Taobao customers, will data acquisition, API will call it SEO, a series of problems coming, not to learn okay? You can not learn, can’t you see that light blog can earn income on the W of the expert?! technology is not important, and the people are different, if only to make money, not what technology really important, but if you want to develop in the website, so it is very important to technology the.

a problem first, people in the Internet is usually to solve practical problems through what? Search engines such as Baidu! Know what you know, and if you want to know about the latest movies or news, will be involved in the use of keywords, for example, want to see the recently broadcast TV "dwelling" only. The search for the words "dwelling", you can search the video online website how to find innumerable related websites, search engines?! boss as a search engine Baidu and Google, as the "first-class enterprise standards, second-class enterprises to do the brand, three enterprises sell technology, four products to do business, they are the main site developed online game rules and website algorithm, a website owners do not understand the game rules and standards and how to do the stronger?! Technology is too important, like SEO technology is not only the relationship between traffic, but also related to the customer to find your key. Do not understand technology, like the night to our eye, who can see your


is Taobao customers, especially want to do a good Taobao customers, you can shoulder the responsibility of two respects, one is to help businesses to sell products liability, one is to help customers choose the product liability, as the line salesman, just moved online. The salesman did not have the ability to request? Of course not, first of all, you should know what you sell, what are the advantages of it? What problems could be solved? How to market it? It’s in the target population? Whether it has a price advantage? You can’t go to these solutions? If you is the customer, you have a problem you can not answer the clerk, you will be interested to sell his products? Of course not, so you have to become a "

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