Pat Network by picking up rotten vegetables for years to pin 70 million

[Abstract]QQ space is the largest SNS community, there are hundreds of millions of active users, users all over the country and is the basic reason for sales promotion. My memu pat shop was established in July 1, 2011, after 3 years of development, from the beginning of the establishment of two people into the current development team of more than 80 people, has set up its own brand, has its own factory, set production and sales. 2013 sales reached 70 million, TOP1 shoes category, and has become one of the largest shop in Western regions.

from the beggar to the electricity supplier: life’s way to touch the bottom of the big turning point

passion memu founder Luo Mingfu junior school, aged 14 to 1 years for rural back home crops. Know money hard, he began to follow my parents to do a little business.

later, Luo Mingfu worked as a driver, but because stained with gambling. In the south of Guangzhou construction Samuel, did not find a job after two months, had to return to Sichuan, all muddle along without any aim of life. How to spend when the cost of living, Luo Mingfu was reduced to early every morning to go to the wholesale market to pick up the rotten vegetables.

"my life has come to the most decadent, darkest moment, nothing different with the beggar", recalling the day he still haunt.

"the encouragement and support of my parents, the understanding and tolerance of my younger brother let me no longer escape from life," Luo Mingfu said quietly to himself. In this with the help of friends, Luo Mingfu began to contact the Internet, to help people, training, selling cards to sell game currency, then he examines the market in this area, where the electronic commerce in September 2009, eventually entering the shoes industry.

since then, the electricity supplier has become a turning point in Luo Mingfu’s life.

in the pat Network: QQ shop space direct sales of 70 million

in July 1, 2011, Luo Mingfu’s passion memu pat shop was formally established.

The first

store sales have been tepid, until the beginning of March 2012 Luo Mingfu found space direct advertising model, after half a month of operation exploration, nearly a week to get to show the amount of more than 100 million, also let the store sales soared in March sales increased more than 100 times.

Luo Mingfu believes that the QQ space is the largest SNS community, there are hundreds of millions of active users, users all over the country and is the basic reason for sales promotion. His experience is that the election for QQ space 80, 90 students, white-collar workers, office workers, priced at around 80-130 yuan is appropriate.

"space will bring much new buyers direct to you, they will even no online shopping experience of white users, so the first shopping experience is particularly important, product quality, service quality will affect your return rate of your store."

Luo Mingfu also said coupons, shop VIP, customer care messages are very good to improve the rate of return >

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