Force rural electricity supplier Suning will be on the line, Sichuan museum

in the future, Xichang, Qingchuan, walnut, walnut Bazhong…… The Sichuan fresh agricultural products will be available in, and door-to-door for you. The afternoon of August 24th, the Commerce Department of Sichuan province and Su ningyun signed Sichuan Internet plus Suning strategic cooperation agreement. Suning will work with the Commerce Department of Sichuan province launched a comprehensive strategic cooperation, common in rural electricity providers, O2O center, Internet consumer finance, green logistics, intelligent Internet training in-depth cooperation with the introduction of other fields, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win, promote rural e-commerce business development in Sichuan Province, to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading.

Yang Chunxuan, deputy director of Sichuan provincial commerce Electronic Commerce Director Suday Forest Department of Commerce leadership, around the city of Commerce Bureau leadership and Su ningyun southwest management center executive vice president Yang Wanbo, general manager of the Neijiang region, Jiang Yan, Suning executives witnessed the great significance of the development of the electricity supplier Sichuan time. Built in 120 Tesco Suning years service station.

general manager of Sichuan Suning Yang Wanbo said in February 14th this year, southwest first self-service station Huagai town officially opened in Meishan city and Mianyang County Qingshen county. This marks the development of Suning’s rural electricity supplier in the southwest to enter the two stages of self join with the common development stage. With the full support of the Commerce Department of Sichuan Province, and reached a strategic cooperation with ALI after the two sides in the full integration of resources, the year 2015, Suning to complete over 120 service stations, 500 stations and authorized agent store layout in the Sichuan area, recruiting 2000 rural communities, liaison, delivery time in the current on the basis of more than 50%.

in the future, towns and rural residents can enjoy the station line experience, online shopping, home delivery service in all in one service. The network through Tesco service station for rapid construction and full coverage, Sichuan towns and rural residents, no need to go out, at home will be able to purchase orders through, electrical appliances, milk powder, diapers, rice grain and other commodities, and wait for the delivery of

Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, said it would fully support Suning in the whole Sichuan cities and states, counties, the creation of e-commerce service center, service station and Town Village business service. This means that in 2015 Suning in the whole layout of rural electricity providers will enter a comprehensive speed. Five lines of service stations and Alibaba will be a strong online system to achieve seamless docking. There is no doubt that this will make Suning expand rural market faster pace. Sichuan local characteristics museum will be on-line

it is reported that will launch the "Sichuan local museum", the integration of the whole Sichuan geographical advantage resources, Sichuan various agricultural products information and Suning platform advantages, expand the sales channels of characteristic agricultural products in Sichuan, Sichuan to enhance the reputation and competitiveness of agricultural products, promote Sichuan characteristic agricultural industry development (tourism).

Suning and Sichuan will also work together in the province, to guide the township and rural residents with the Internet, the development of agricultural products shop. Sichuan province will nurture a number of electricity providers

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