Third party payment industry to determine the threshold of access to standardized operations

reported in July 12th that the central bank’s "non financial institution payment service management approach" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") before the date officially announced, the third party payment for the first time officially "right" and the provisions of the minimum threshold for a license.

due to the lack of long-term access threshold, the third party payment appeared "dragons and fishes jumbled together" situation industry to a certain extent. The implementation of the measures will be qualified third party payment platform into the regular army, the long-term development of the industry as a whole to play a guiding role and norms. Measures clearly defined in the country intends to engage in payment business, the registered capital of 100 million yuan minimum, intends to engage in the payment of business within a province, the registered capital of a minimum of $30 million. This will force a considerable portion of the non qualified payment companies to withdraw from the payment market. In accordance with the provisions of this article, with the application of the payment of the company license of the company estimated that only Alipay, TenPay, quick money and a few companies, however, the more than and 300 companies have to pay half of the registered capital of less than 30 million or 100 million threshold. This will be more conducive to the optimization and integration of the payment market, the survival of the fittest, the healthy development of the industry.

the payment industry approach after years of discussion, in the registered capital, risk control and anti money laundering "and other details are given clear direction, it will be more conducive to promoting the healthy development of payment services market, standardize the behavior of non-financial institution payment service, payment risk prevention. Domestic booming and generally facing the lack of identity of the third party payment industry will enter a new era of standardized operations.

once launched, the third party payment companies to give positive feedback and support, Alipay CEO Peng Lei said that Alipay has been with the central bank to maintain a regular reporting and communication system, the firm support for the central bank’s decision. Fast money CEO Guan Guoguang said good communication with the central bank, and have a record.

"approach" eligibility requirements include: anti money laundering, business facilities, organizational structure, system and risk control, places and security, etc., the specific requirements for the implementation of the rules. According to the current understanding of the information, most of the fast money compliance, only a small amount of work can be achieved in accordance with the standard approach to the implementation details are expected to be completed soon after the release.

for Alipay, caifutong and money go in front of the industry to pay these enterprises, they rely on a solid service chain, quality customer service system, will become the first central bank to obtain a business license.

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