Double 11 fresh inventory sell 3300 cattle, 160 thousand meters sea cucumber

2016 Tmall double 11 shopping Carnival has officially come to an end, the total turnover of the day reached 120 billion 749 million yuan, of which the proportion of wireless transactions accounted for more than 81.87%, covering more than 235 countries and regions. This is followed by 91 billion 200 million yuan in 2015, after 2014, $57 billion 100 million, another record turnover turnover. Other platforms such as the Jingdong, in the "double 11" is also a striking record, even a new high.

fresh category since 2014 to join the "double 11" the main battlefield of the ranks, and winning the third ranking of consumer goods. 2016, as a major platform for businesses and vertical electric providers competing layout hot areas, this category is eye-catching performance. The sea cucumber is even more popular, has become a popular choice for the seven city in china.


for "double 11" business platform, have not been idle

this year "double 11" period, Tmall launched a fresh "Zhen fresh global" plan, combined with origin of the provision of goods, and launched the "bad return single" service in terms of customer service. It is understood that during last year’s double 11 speed, refund and return service Tmall failed to cover the fresh category.

in addition, the Jingdong is also mentioned in the "double 11" Strategy Conference, the fresh cold chain logistics and distribution, will further overweight service upgrade and enhance the user experience. Around the fresh topic of double 11 battlefield, is from the previous price war to service war change. The day before the Jingdong still fresh commodities in officially launched every orchard "self project, become a Jingdong owned after the orchard every day will enjoy the Jingdong to provide" 211 Limited "," self "and other support services.

at the end of October there was news that the fresh super O2O platform new dada was announced $50 million strategic investment in WAL-MART, cooperation programs include: logistics and distribution capabilities and new user dada and WAL-MART Chinese entity stores with depth, together to create fresh super combining online and offline retail model. The two sides will integrate their respective advantages in O2O services, logistics and retail areas, to provide consumers with services.

the United States online with fresh electricity suppliers have been living network also announced a strategic cooperation, the United States online said that the first phase of cooperation between the two sides, originally life network will be the official flagship store in the United States online form, the rapid improvement of the United States online fresh layout at the same time, also has sales and brand communication to have life fresh products. The second phase of cooperation, the two sides will open up the supply chain and logistics resources, to self mode.

beef into electricity supplier of new sea cucumber unexpected pop

hand chop Festival, fresh frozen crazy to sell, what fresh frozen, as part of the statistical data:

Tmall sold a total of 651 tons of beef from the world, equivalent to 3300 cows;


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