Network network landing three new board from James Bond to P phenomenon

editor’s note: August 24th, Beijing e-commerce Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the network network network network) landed three new board (Stock Name: network network; Stock Code: 838890), become as the holding’s first two home visit the capital market’s subsidiary, the first location is also the capital market in the "eco wine enterprises" public company.

network network was originally the liquor business established at the latest one, but it also created the fastest liquor electricity supplier landing in the capital market is a miracle, in the silence of the liquor business reputation, appeared a large increase in GMV impressive record, LETV holding vice chairman and CEO Li Rui in the network network "eco wine enterprises" is a concept of what? Where is the core of innovation it?

song and the combination of the previous network network communication, tries to clarify the phenomenon of operation of the network of large wine IP strategy, hope that good for you.

network network from James Bond landed three new board to IP level

when women such as Monroe, a man should be like Bond.

James Bond for tough film series "007" and its vitality, in half a century, countless fans. But the veteran drama bones remember, not just James Bond, there is a wine — French champagne Bollinger.

in the past 40 years, the French champagne Bollinger selection phase lasting bonds with the "007" movie. This is known as Bollinger, after each set of "007" series of the film, will launch the theme and the theme of the film with a customized version of champagne, crazy suction gold.


"007" edition chief French champagne

James Bond and French champagne Bollinger integrated marketing, today is known as IP marketing, can be called one of the earliest cases of IP.

today, there is a liquor electricity supplier, is beginning to batch operation of this model, not only from the film IP, is from the sports star IP, IP and IP to deepen the entrepreneur operation, not only from the upstream industry chain to get the exclusive wine quality wine, and in the case of IP marketing, compared to James Bond Bollinger and French champagne "point" type of cooperation and development to "comprehensive" flowering, created another miracle of Internet culture and wine combination.


this quite crazy business ideas from the famous company network network, although this mode is just on the road, but the effect is very good, in August 24th, network network successfully landed three new board, a liquor business visit the capital market miracle speed, but also fully demonstrated the capital market recognition of its business the innovation potential, regardless of the future achievements, network network "eco wine enterprises" model will also become IP marketing.

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