The O2O industry into a new outlet of hundreds of millions of funds into money expansion

Expensive care packages

beauty salons, beauticians, hairdressers membership card recommended not to mind taking the trouble, a boring time in store…… Are you tired of these


now you have a new choice. "Beaver", "Mei home", "beautiful home" and other home Manicure, even this kind of beauty barber "liberation world craftsman" application since the second half of 2014 began to rise. According to IT orange statistics, as of now, there are more than 80 kinds of American industry O2O applications available. U.S. business services are no longer limited to the store consumption.

a time to become the capital of the United States Industry O2O touted object. Ceng Liqing, Yu Minhong, IDG capital, Jingwei China, Sequoia Capital and other investment sectors are involved in the big cattle. In April 20th, the network Reds Xifeng also announced that participate in this, in the financial sector investment published on the website of their own beauty O2O financing project.

so, in a public domestic O2O business in the ocean, before and after the traditional beauty salon, barber shop, Manicure attack, beauty industry O2O will fire


U.S. home prices

lower than beauty salon

in June 2014, O2O business boom, previously worked in the Tencent "Twitter Life" Office of the 80 young Lee Myung-bak decided to quit the sea, set up small adjacent small science and Technology (Beijing) Co., ltd.. In August of the same year, Lee Myung-bak got the Xianfeng Huaxing 6 million yuan angel investment, December, the company based on LSB service (location service) O2O door-to-door beauty products "Mei home" officially launched.

Lee Myung-bak told the first Financial Daily reporters, after dining, KTV, housekeeping, beauty, takeaway and other areas of O2O research, Lee Myung-bak decided to start from the home beauty. He said, chose the beauty industry O2O, is seen at the time of the development of the beaver family, "we found that before the team views on this field is feasible".

The United States

home product line consists of 9 major categories of more than 20 beauty services, to cover the Beijing six ring in most areas, the end of April this year, the Chengdu area has also begun service.

Lee Myung-bak told reporters that at present in the Beijing area, "Mei home daily orders more than and 100, basically based on facial beauty, the average consumption of about 200 yuan. In the case of the same product, the price is 1/3 of the same service Beijing beauty salons."

for home beauty with low price, Lee Myung-bak to reporters calculations: in the traditional beauty salons in consumer spending will be sixty percent beauty salons away, because beauty salons need hardware, scale and other costs, these costs do not need "door-to-door beauty". But the beauty industry there is a saying "professional line of products is to channel work ‘, that is to say the professional line of products price has been a large part of the channel away,’ Mei home ‘is directly from the manufacturers of communication, the cost is also saved."

not only reduces the cost of beauty, "

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