The national development and Reform Commission double 11 during the thorough investigation of price

Nanfang Daily News (Beijing correspondent / Zhao Xiaona) once a year the "double 11" is coming, large online shopping mall has been ahead of this year’s "pre online shopping carnival. In order to eliminate the chaos of online shopping, the NDRC price supervision and Anti Monopoly Bureau inspector Dong Zhiming said, in order to regulate the network retail pricing, the NDRC Price Supervision Bureau issued a "book" on the network behavior to remind the retail price recently, and held a reminder of normative behavior network retail prices in November 3rd, a total of 15 enterprises in the reminder, including Alibaba, Jingdong, mall, etc..

, we agreed to further standardize their own price behavior, and create a good market order, so that the network retail better, orderly conduct." Dong Zhiming said that by publishing reminders and reminders will be held, so as to prevent, remind warning. Once the discovery of the existence of fictitious retail price, price fraud and other illegal acts, we will be investigated and dealt with in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, standardize the market order.

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