Do Taobao experience more than a month

I have done before the site navigation station, although not those chiefs who are powerful, but also to achieve a 200 thousand ip. No problem. But in 2009 eleven, the 360 security guards on the force, let him go half the flow. Coupled with the Internet consolidation, the server off several times. Those who are not used to install navigation garbage station traffic, navigation station slowly shrunk to tens of thousands of ip.

seems to have a way out of the terminal.

calm down, analysis. The form of e-commerce is not bad. Taobao accounted for 80% of e-commerce share. So ready to open a clothing store on Taobao shop.

next, look for sources of goods, see goods, purchase. Then take pictures, draw. After a month of time. During this period, we found that we are not professional, photographed a professional photographer, he is only responsible for taking pictures, regardless of the drawing, after he left, it is difficult to find drawing. I got a part time job. It’s all about the new year.

effect is good, with a number of traffic with the navigation station, actually sold 18 goods. It’s a little bit of confidence.

through this time to do Taobao shop, found above Taobao, the same commodity what kind of price. If you want to do well, first of all to have the advantage. The picture is good, the details are better.

also, if you really have sufficient sources of advantage, do wholesale better.

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