Single page model is doomed to end Taobao off mode facing reshuffle


has been through the rash and too much in haste in 2 years, from the original silent, until now is full of amoy. Taobao customers are a variety of ways to promote, only you can not think, no you can not do. Taobao alliance also feed China a large number of small and medium-sized webmaster and Internet entrepreneurs, small to say one thousand or two thousand a month, to say ten thousand or twenty thousand a month, which has been accepted by everyone, also won’t have what get excited over a little thing. Amoy also has become a regular online occupation! Many people to live, this is not excessive. Because Taobao alliance nearly 2 billion of the annual dividend, really enough to feed a lot of people. Just have earned, there is no earned. There are ways to understand, there is nothing to do. There is excitement, also have to this disappointment, is a significant life! Today and we talk about his 2 years of website operation mode of Taobao customer opinions.

remember when in the second half of the 09, many people still doubt that Taobao customers can earn money, because China owners have used to do some CPC, CPM, CPA project to make money, click a few cents or one or two cents, to see the effect. A CPS can only think of others to buy commissions, at that time, many people feel a bit mysterious! Do not dare! Has a yellow will naturally have a bold, at that time some people start a navigation station, some people go directly to the forum to post promotion, some people go to the social networking platform to promote, some people directly QQ group…… After verification for half a year, those who do find the original Taobao customer was so money! Taobao off a word sprang up throughout the red circle and the higher the webmaster.

to the 2010 dragon team first set off course "Taobao single page real 1000 month" the single page mode to get the fire, then, can be said that this set of tutorials in Taobao, pat, there is ah, or go to the Baidu search, everywhere is the set of tutorials. Also because of piracy, let more and more people realize the single page mode power! It is no exaggeration to say that 2010 is a single page!!! Until now, we can still see a lot of Amoy station in the use of single page mode.

but, despite last year’s brilliance and popularity, today I’m going to say: single page is doomed to be eliminated! Why do I conclude that we first analyze the profitability of the single page model:

single page to make money, and earn a lot, have to meet several conditions:

1 traffic to be accurate (this is done on the flow of CPS property requirements, unlike CPM, as long as someone opens the site to make money!)

2 to run flow (single page mode that is made with high probability, the probability of clicking on the high conversion rate, so if the flow is running more and better!)

single page fatal flaw:

1.99% is a one-time flow of traffic. Single page mode Amoy station, there are SEO, there is a promotion to, or to buy traffic. >

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