Dong Mingzhu to join the United States put Rhetoric 3 days sold 500 thousand sets of air conditionin

profiteering era is over, the price of air conditioning should also return to 6 years ago, GREE will be completed with the United States to complete the goal of selling 500 thousand units in the past 3 days, the impact of the new world record". The day before, GREE chairman Dong Mingzhu in the United States and business negotiation will again put rhetoric. It is reported that the two sides will be March 27th -29 in the United States, the country’s more than 1 thousand and 600 stores and the United States launched a total of 500 thousand sets of GREE special air conditioning. The United States President Wang Junzhou said, "black Wu ‘3 days than the 200% increase in sales, let us see the consumer recognition of the United States’ reverse fitting between" consumer advocate new ideas and the United States full channel. Around this idea, based on large data analysis, coupled with GREE’s promotional push, the United States has confidence to create a new world record."

beauty force to break the world record

3 days sold 500 thousand sets of air conditioning, how to accomplish this goal? The industry analysis, the United States GREE two giants unashamedly, the biggest killer is still from the ultra low price, namely "air conditioning prices back to 6 years ago" ex gratia. Beijing will become the main battlefield of the event, when the United States, Beijing, the city’s 40 stores GREE air conditioner prices as a whole will fall by up to 20%, will be the lowest in the past ten years. Among them, the GREE Q Dingpin Chang an air-conditioning only 1799 yuan; frequency calm Wang 1.5 air-conditioning price as low as 3399 yuan; GREE U platinum an inverter air conditioner for health, slim and highly sought after consumers can only sell 4999 yuan; 3 HP T Di frequency Guiji only 5999 yuan. In the model, in addition to the full range of best-selling models, but also covers a variety of new products.

accurate analysis of consumer demand will also provide a record for both sides to protect. Since last year, again in hand, the two sides around the United States big data factory, analysis of a large number of consumer transaction data capture customer behavior model, in the commodity production, customized optimization of differentiated products accounted for other aspects of precision marketing.

as Wang Junzhou said, "reverse fitting room" consumer appliances new concept has been recognized but also provided a guarantee for the record sales target. According to the reporter, in the United States had to create a "black week five" shopping Carnival in preparation, in the United States advocate online and offline experience, all channels to buy the core of "reverse fitting room" concept under the guidance of new consumer appliances, in addition to achieving the overall excellent performance, ice wash, TV and other large appliances become the most sought after by consumers in the category of sales, an increase of more than 80%.

in the air conditioning to promote, distribution of professional installation team composed of the United States own and the third party will be in strict accordance with the United States day Sanda, accurate delivery, send installed sync the industry’s highest standards of service to provide customer service service. March 27th to 29, the world record association staff will witness the scene in the United States, if sales record, will issue a certificate.

zero cooperation force intelligent retail

compared to the industry in the past popular manufacturers for products, businesses do traditional promotional activities, the United States and GREE will assist the whole process. Early >

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