Google 2010 document next year electricity supplier revenue target $5 billion

Beijing on April 26th news, according to foreign media reports, Google on the court prior to the disclosure of the company’s internal documents show that as early as 2010, Google has developed a plan, is expected in 2013 will be more than 35% of the revenue from the company’s flagship search business. Google’s plan shows that the company was seeking to make three non search business annual revenues of more than $5 billion.

because Google has not disclosed the search advertising business and other business revenue ratio, so the document can be extremely rare analysis of Google’s mentality in 2010. Documents show that, according to Google’s plan, the company in 2013 from e-commerce revenue will reach $5 billion; from the display advertising revenue reached $8 billion; from YouTube and Google TV will reach $5 billion in revenue.

Google disclosure documents also show that the company’s search advertising revenue in 2013 will reach $34 billion. Google provided the document to the federal court in San Francisco. It is reported that Google employees in October 2010 compiled the document, and submitted to the board of directors. Oracle sued Google infringement litigation war last week in federal court in San Francisco officially started, if Google loses, but will pay $about 1000000000 in damages, but also affect the price and supply of Android mobile phone. Oracle claims that Google’s Android system infringed on two patents and several copyrights owned by its Java software.

the document also shows that Google expects the company’s total revenue in 2013 will reach about $55 billion. Prior to this, market analysts expect Google’s business revenue accounted for the proportion of the company’s total revenue is very difficult, because Google rarely disclose its business operations. The current average market analysts expect Google’s non search business revenue accounted for the proportion of total revenue between 10% to 25%.

investment company RW Baird analyst Colin · Sebastian (Colin Sebastian) said, "the core of Google’s business performance is better than the expectations of the company, representing the company’s forecast growth rate increased by 10 percentage points above." But Sebastian also pointed out that Google still needs to work in the field of e-commerce. Up to now, Google’s mobile wallet products have not achieved the expected progress of the company. The analyst said, Google’s internal documents show that the company’s non core business performance may not meet Google’s initial expectations."

Google spokesman Jim ·, said Prose, these documents do not represent the company’s current views on business operations. He said, we are still in the industry is changing rapidly, so we have different products and services vision is also true."

Google, which was compiled in 2010, shows that the company in 2009>

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