See the scene which is dreadful to one’s mind! 2016 electricity supplier, physical death list

this year 11, UNIQLO flagship store Tmall quickly sold out, and the consumer can in more than and 400 UNIQLO stores in major 24 hours fast delivery. This model is not only convenient for consumers, online will also flow into the line, bring new sales opportunities for UNIQLO stores.


double ended, Tmall created a sales record of 120 billion 700 million yuan, Ma happy release signal: the future opportunities and challenges will be the biggest new retail is a combination of online and offline, combined with the traditional company, Internet Co.

double 11 shortly after November 18th, came to Ali to 2 billion 150 million yuan shares Ningbo Sanjiang shopping news. This is the third stake in intime business and Su Ningyun, Ali shares of the entity.


side of the line shop to embrace the Internet side of the electricity supplier brand layout line experience and delivery center. There is a subtle relationship between the store and electricity supplier. And the two of their lives, but also not good.

today is November 26th, 35 days from the end of 2016. According to billion state power network data, lists a long list of 2016 the electricity supplier and the store death list, for entrepreneurs reference, sum up experience, for better living.

2016 electricity supplier death list


cloud at fingertips

attention: * * * assumes

keyword: micro business, MLM

"death" time: September 9th, Xianning City Administration for Industry and Commerce of Guangzhou cloud to make administrative punishment at the fingertips of Agel Ecommerce Ltd: 1, a fine of 1 million 500 thousand yuan; 2, confiscate the illegal income 39500040.10 yuan. Cloud fingertips related person in charge of the application for cancellation of the company. The main body of the Guangzhou cloud fingertips Agel Ecommerce Ltd, the WeChat public number cloud at the fingertips has been deleted all published content.


mode: Guangzhou cloud fingertips Agel Ecommerce Ltd launched the cloud in the fingertips of online shopping mall, in October 31, 2014 on-line operation. Participants through the WeChat to enter the cloud in the fingertips of the online mall, in the form of shopping to pay a certain fee to become a member, to continue to develop other personnel to participate in the payment can be obtained by the commission. The parties through the computer system to set the relevant rules, calculation and payment of personnel continue to participate in the development of other members of the remuneration.

financing record: no relevant information disclosure.


cloud at your fingertips "from the outset, accused of alleged MLM, but still to put up a pageantry throughout the country held promotional activities, the official WeChat had survived more than 2 years. The industry believes that the national law on the distribution of the highest level 3, WeChat provides the highest level of 2, and the first level is flat

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