Then the definition of maternal electricity supplier more than commodity Swiss babe network

platform good or self? Do milk diapers, or do the non-standard products? What category can profit? To maternal industry, the focus of the majority of people still remain in the "sell what" and "what category" stage, however, the user what love you this problem but more than "give me the goods" so simple. The babe network, in addition to the goods, it seems there are many places need to maternal electricity supplier more heart". Its CEO Zhang Lianglun has repeatedly pointed out in his speech that: the crowd – the essence of maternal and child electricity supplier is to serve the mother and child as the core of the crowd. For sensitive groups, they want more than just "buy" so simple. In order to retain users, in addition to the "commodity", babe network also did this quietly.

from quality goods to the last mile logistics experience:

as a "maternal electricity supplier, ensure product quality is the foothold, at this point, the children’s shoes and other non-standard products" started to Beibei, rigorous and restrained. At the beginning of 2015, Beibei began to try to meet the user in the formula "standard" requirement, and good platform operation platform with no babe gene and blind expansion, but the choice of a more challenging road – standard self, self supply chain. Its CEO Zhang Lianglun mentioned in his speech:

"when we do the formula, we think a problem, if my child is not to buy milk, I also hope that this platform is self. Although we are a platform gene company, but we have made great efforts in the end of 2015 to do the supply chain."

now, baby diapers and other milk powder in the category, has achieved a comprehensive self, in the food supplement, beauty category on the proportion of self is also expanding. In the face of commodity, Beibei promised "false will lose, you will lose, behind its bold promises is insist on two points: 1, the professional insist on getting goods directly from brands, a strategic agreement with high-quality brand; 2, to set up a professional quality inspection team, quality control products are allowed to hit the shelves, and always spot two detection.


electricity providers not only stay on the battlefield online platform, and to serve the user to the last mile, which is logistics, warehousing, distribution. At this point, babe with one of four links, daily express, SF express, China post, EMS has reached a strategic cooperation, the user receiving time put forward more specific requirements, from the delivery to the recipient, logistics information synchronization, the courier last mile delivery specification, the whole optimization of control orders and timeliness. A "strong commitment will slowly lose", as long as the shipment within the prescribed time limit, the user can apply for compensation.

is the content producers, electricity providers also have fans gene

Although the

defines its own business platform, Beckham has began to make content precipitation in Beibei headlines, freaky community and other functions. 50 million mom user viscosity and for platform >

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