Discussion on the development prospect of community O2O small electricity supplier

with the development of O2O electricity supplier model, more and more electricity providers began to try O2O mode, that is, online and offline, can be understood as the Internet and traditional marketing channels. And now it is the world of mobile Internet, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent have to enter the traditional industries, such as: Ali shares Hengda, Baidu depth cooperation with the real estate industry. Mobile social networking and O2O mode of development prospects are very broad, the so-called O2O small electricity supplier, refers to the electricity supplier around the city district. In many of the city’s residential areas have commercial street, which can be combined with mobile social applications, such as the installation of shopping mall shopping map on the phone.


cities across the country have a lot of communities, or urban communities, market demand and prospects are very optimistic, but the premise is to store the cell around the cell phone. For example: the development of a clothing store on the mobile phone applications, such applications can quickly find the address of the store, and in the application shows the store clothes. The same as in the WeChat shop is open, so that customers can easily view shop and commodity information anytime, anywhere, or can be purchased directly on the WeChat shop. But the line is certainly illegal trial clothes, so you still have to go to the store to try clothes.


diet, clothing, daily necessities, community users need to have these basic daily goods, now is the lack of such a platform to connect all sectors of the business, to provide customers with more convenient shopping. For example: watching movies customers are accustomed to buy some snacks, customers in the booking, you can recommend some customers to buy some snacks shop. Because it is in the community surrounding shopping, so you do not have to consider the courier service costs, you can have the merchant personally delivered to the hands of customers, which can greatly facilitate the shopping with us.

community O2O is similar to the retail chain under the line, are required to be efficient, detail, cost. Retail industry seems to have matured, but the online O2O is still in the water and exploratory stage, O2O model has its own limitations. Community O2O small electricity supplier target consumer groups are limited, and are living in the vicinity of the customer, so for some commodity demand is relatively large. The nature of the O2O model is online soliciting and offline transactions, promote their shops to attract customers through online, go to the store to buy.

users can also direct online transactions, but online purchase involves the express fee, if the purchase price is relatively low, for example: a box of ointment, then it is not possible to allow businesses to send personally, unless some of the higher prices of goods, such as home appliances. As mentioned above, the community electricity supplier O2O model has market prospects, but also need to solve many difficulties and obstacles.

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