To the front from behind Google and Amazon for domestic O2O Market


Sohu technology text / Yu wo & Wang Xueying

kitchen faucet should be changed, in addition to the property you can think of?

want to know, for an American family, the service fee is $180, but on the Internet, it is behind the $400 billion – home O2O market.


is still part of Meng initiated, but in fact many overseas electricity supplier has been eyeing the life of O2O platform. Professional management personnel is uneven, lax, such a situation would lead to two results: the residents to find professional community service workers, the latter more difficult employment. However, it is such a supply and demand information not docking market, but it is behind a huge profit: according to the "New York Times", industry sources have a conservative estimate of domestic O2O market, or $400 billion, although some people think that this figure is far more than $800 billion.

previously received $100 million capital investment in Google’s domestic trading platform Thumbtack is one of the best example.

it is understood that, as a professional home trading platform, according to the needs of consumers in the Thumbtack to contact local professional services, from home improvement designer to treadmill repair. Users need to fill out the specific content of the need to find workers, Thumbtack will be required to distribute the demand to the service providers in the field, the two party autonomy, cooperation agreement.


it can be said that with the previous classification of HomeAdvisor (resource site rental housing sale class) and Redbeacon (life information), Thumbtack provides a wider range of services, so that the domestic service more convenient and efficient, and therefore businesses only need to pay 3~ $25 promotion expenses.

this, Thumbtack founder and CEO Marco Zappacosta in an interview, said: at present, the domestic service market is huge, rapid development, full of a lot of opportunities".

yes, with more than 70000 of the number of paid professionals and an average of 3 million times the occupation promotion, Thumbtack for the local enterprises to provide nearly $1 billion 800 million of potential business, also because of this, Google and Amazon two business decision from the backstage, himself took over this piece of virgin land.

had similar investment service platform Amason, in March this year launched a "Amazon Home Service in the United States (Amason home service), members of professional workers can make an appointment at any time in the

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