After 80 beauty Adsense free to do Taobao guest skillsNine wins identity through SMS query data grow

secondly, the design of the website,

finally, let me talk about the promotion methods of Taobao customers

        recent identity through SMS inquiries into advertising, data volume growth is very fast, the advertising effect is getting better and better, please Adsense actively put this ad, seize the opportunity to make money!

first, choose a good project product,


in fact, many methods of promotion, Didi, the most common is the forum and keyword promotion. You can do Taobao off in a big Forum blog, for example through the Alibaba Taobao blog, blog and Alibaba Taobao customers belong to Ma, Ma to give you a better promotion of Taobao products, specially in the blog developed can add Taobao Taobao off product advertising. But one thing is that Ali blog does not allow other link address outside the station to click on the jump, but here we can completely ignore these. We can now use the Alibaba blog as a website of our own. The reason why only recommended Ali blog to do, because the Alibaba in sh419 blog weight is very high, very good ranking and keyword promotion, but popular keywords do the top difficulty is too big, so many passengers do Taobao webmaster choose to do long tail key words, the effect is very good, but this the need to adhere to, everything should be after the first bitter sweet. Do Taobao customers choose a certain area, and then insist on doing, persistence is victory.

now do a lot of standing on the Internet, basically is to do a single page of Taobao customers promotion. Click directly to enter the shopkeeper’s shop. Evaluation of store sales, product details, after the purchase are very convincing evidence of the turnover rate is very helpful to di ~ so meters compare your design, do not make money from you.

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‘s Alibaba board and CEO Jack Ma, said at the annual meeting of the China Green company, that efforts should be made to help young people to innovate and to build a platform to support their innovation. So in the support at the same time many webmasters have to start a "Taobao", which is currently the most popular, the most popular Wangzhuan! But it is so easy to want to do a Taobao customer really? Below 80 beauty webmaster to tell everyone in the "horse" under the support of how to do a Taobao customer.

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, everybody:

, chairman of

the above two methods seem everyone knows, but many people say I used the blog and BBS promotion, but I didn’t make money, then I ask you, how long you insist on? You original? You are pressing >

I think you need to find a good project, we must establish a clear profit, so things start to make a point, to ensure that we have so little into meaningful role in all directions. Establish a goal – the planning plan – put into practice, this set of procedures is a project must pass through several stages. Taobao is also off to help others sell products on commission, Taobao often do the guest will go to the Ali Mama project selection hot and high commission products, this product is the most suitable for auction, or where the high commission.

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