15 years old dropped out of business, now become the domestic cloud computer first personDo stand be

is engaged in the network game research and development period, chats frequently looks at the overseas network company, the IT software development and so on the website, understands overseas the newest research and development technology. By chance, he found that foreign institutions engaged in research and development of virtual servers, in order to reduce the size and weight of the computer, easy to carry. Chatting, suddenly think of every year their company scrapped dozens of computers, if the server virtualization, can greatly reduce operating costs. In 2006, he founded the first professional virtual server development enterprise in china.

when I was just standing, I was often despised by some older people because I often looked at statistical codes. Later, I told the older generation, I’m tracking my users, early website, each traffic is very important, I want to maximize the retention of my users, and communicate with them, and hope to become friends with them. However, I am very lazy person, and later, more traffic, users can not track, nor did it.

so before you do it, you have to be prepared to be a full-time waiter. No matter how demanding your users are, he is right. Your users are demanding you, indicating that he wants your website to grow.

twenty-first Century, you can talk to the whole world even if you don’t go out, so don’t tell me that no one is making friends with you.

facing the children’s request, Jianping high school west school principal Wu Guolin and chat Ting’s parents are very surprised. The principals and parents and students after repeated communication, decided to take a year off to chat Ting, within a year, if the venture fails, will be back to school; each semester, chat Ting had to go back to school for two times, the latest progress in teachers, principals report, academic entrepreneurship and other aspects of the business; if successful, must return to society.

I do not have a good style of writing, and will not tell you how to do traffic, and I hope everyone has seen what I have written, you can feel how to improve traffic flow. What other people say is false, only found by oneself, that is true.

these events reported by this newspaper, immediately reprinted by the media throughout the country. CCTV also conducted a character interview with the chat man and his son.

, a 15 year old student, dropped out of school to start an online game company because he was addicted to online games. In March 1, 2005, the newspaper’s exclusive report on the front page of the "junior high school students drop out of their own network company, business is booming, hire college students to do assistants", causing the attention of the media throughout the country, reprinted. Yesterday afternoon, the dropout teenager, 22, chatted with his team at the Pudong International Convention Center to release the first cloud computer in china.


website is not only goods, he is our friend, just need a sword swordsman, often accompany the website is the webmaster tool around us, too many years spent on his energy, there is no reason why a to DEL him, if someone today tell me he spent energy but did not return, the best give yourself a slap in the face, in order to get up. Because your efforts aren’t worth mentioning at all.

now many webmaster webmaster to join industry is to do Wangzhuan, I can only say that you are very clever, you have found the most money in this pluralistic society in the industry, but I have to tell that this industry is not good to make money.

start-up six months, made more than 20 business

class Jingshenbuzhen, often lying on the table to sleep, work is not over…… By the end of 2004, Jianping West middle school students chat Ting due to unsatisfactory results, were asked to repeat. At this point, he suddenly dropped out of the principal and parents, saying he was not interested in learning, plans to go home to start a network company. Chat Ting bluntly, he likes online games, and the development of online games are interested. When he came home from school, he sat in front of the computer and studied various online games. He slept only two or three hours a night.

because I can’t write procedures, the hands of only a few professional designer certification, due to the program will not, so there has been no replacement of the program, and I also firmly believe that the important thing is not absolutely my website content and quality, content and quality is one of the factors affecting the network station. If I am Bill Gates, even if it’s just a simple message book, I believe the traffic will not be bad. In fact, many predecessors have said, to make more friends, but many seniors do not tell why to socialize. The simple reason is to show yourself, and the important things are you. They love their sister lotus, although nausea, but she does create wealth.

in the future, the travel business, without carrying a laptop computer with large volume, heavy weight, as long as carrying a piece of 162 grams of set-top box can be; no matter in what place, as long as there are 2 megabytes of bandwidth, are available through the display screen and the set-top box remote data center links, at the office, watching movies, playing online games…… Yesterday afternoon, >

turned gorgeous to become a cloud computer developer,

and the principal signed the "drop out agreement", chat, Chang immediately took his father’s ID card, went to the trade and Industry Bureau, registered a network company, specializing in the development of online games. Start six months, chat Ting made more than 20 businesses, but also hired 5 college students as assistants.

I stepped into the webmaster, not long time, but I found some interesting things, do not want to make money often earn webmaster, want to make money in the complaints of the webmaster gave up. Such a phenomenon is too common. It’s hard to keep going.

website is a commodity, so you can see yourself as a waiter. How can I serve your users?


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