A junior high school webmaster think

today is my 5th anniversary day review of the contact computer 5th anniversary to do too little and those addicted to online review I only know 3 years before people playing games like fighting every day but I hate this life this life every day with a bit mechanical it I’m tired when I meet someone who is put another day I brought the network I and his classmates talked about why you can’t do something useful and just play some boring game? The answer is that they are in real life we are not good at learning children we want to vent in the network game and you say to learn the network we can’t we will only play the game now the society just pay attention to the children addicted to the Internet after the results without considering who is going to let them indulge in network What is the reason for their Internet addiction and I feel that I should help my classmates so I want to do a school website through the courseware, Post Bar, learning experience exchange and so on will only let students play games on my website to fill the gaps in knowledge online time them but I am just an ordinary junior middle school economic limited so I hope you can help me with my QQ47588842 I want a download server and web space for some people may say that this is my AD everyone has everyone’s comments I can’t go to tube everyone but I will run my good website to realize what I said

wrote something on ADMIN5 for the first time. Please forgive me. Thank you for everyone who has read this article

editor comments: in your experience of website, junior high school students, but not necessarily make what achievement, after all school is heavy, do not encounter problems of deep research, to collect information and understand the true understanding of the network mainly can be, should be, and then start the


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