Organize online activities to enhance the experience, how cost-effective

The core

of the operation of the site is to develop more loyal customers, unless you run garbage site, you can as long as the unlimited amplification site traffic can be, but if you want to operate the brand website, the website will not make a hundred years old, as long as want to engage in a few years the site must be to enhance the user experience of the website, the website to enhance customer loyalty, and the key point is to achieve through online activities.

online activity is a kind of comprehensive operation method, the interaction and operation effectively integrated, so it has very important role in the operation effect, so how to better organize online activities? Many webmaster friends will think that since the online engage in activities, then increase the amount of prizes, prizes type is a good way to promote the activities of popularity, so in fact it really so? There is no better way to motivate users to participate in, to further enhance customer loyalty in the foundation to enhance the enthusiasm, the author thinks that the method can still be there.

one, the theme of the activity should be clear,


to engage in online activities, we must first locate a theme, and the theme is clear to pry those users interested, because any one theme could not achieve everything, each theme will correspond to a group of users, so users clear theme is clearly in the user group, so to make publicity for these user groups, enhance the enthusiasm of the people involved in this part. In this way, it will be more economical than the Internet marketing model, because there are fewer channels for marketing. Of course, in addition to the theme clear after selection and activities related to the program is also very important, such as you are ready to engage in a delicacy themed, so the auxiliary activities should have a relationship and delicacy, such as selecting the local delicacy City lottery, can try to eat free, prizes and body echoes, also can to stimulate the enthusiasm of the users effectively.

two, with celebrity effect,

online activity is also an important process is interaction, metaphysical interaction is naturally celebrities and ordinary people interaction, and form the interaction is the interaction between the people. So in order to improve the interaction effect, should be metaphysics and physics two grasping with both hands, one hand into the celebrities to participate in activities, so as to enhance the activities of the appeal, such as millet Lei Jun, 360 Zhou Hongyi, in order to make online activities more popular, even his own personal battle, this is Jobs the more successful, some of the activities under the influence of Jobs, became a classic. And the interaction between the shape and the opening of the corresponding platform, so that interaction between the people become more fluid and simple, interaction between the people can create a more harmonious atmosphere, so that the entire site become vibrant.

three, pay attention to data analysis,

online activity has been completed, does not mean that this activity is over, and for webmasters, this is often ">"

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