Dry goods 20 thousand registered users of activities promotion strategy secret

an activity can be a big part of fire, but I think promotion is more important than creativity. For example, A4 waist is very creative, once also very fire, if there is no star to join, there is no micro-blog, WeChat and other large push, it can also fire? I think not necessarily.

promotion requires a strong resource, and the average enterprise does not have these resources. How do you maximize the effect with limited resources? Please continue looking if you are interested.

company website on the line soon, the number of users is very small. In June, the company made a new activity, which stimulated the users to spread passively through prizes. The goal was to make 10 thousand registrations. The promotion budget is limited. You can’t afford a star, and you don’t have to work with a tuba. Can only use some low-cost operating practices, and finally done nearly 20 thousand of registered users, about 5000000 of the volume of transactions, the focus is not data. Today, I’m writing this article just to share some of my activities and promotional experiences, and I hope I can enlighten you a little.

will control the promotional rhythm of events

activity is actually a product, and the product will have a process from infancy to completion. The longer the product survives, the more likely the product will be a new breakthrough.



from the chart we can see that the activity in the beginning of a few days, traffic soared, to reach a height will decline, and every push will have a small peak, in line with the development of a product law.

3 days before this event on the line, using its own channels to do the warm-up, on-line all channels to push together, traffic will soon rise to the highest point. Then soon down, after the decline in traffic, the progress of the report immediately to follow, and all channels vigorously propaganda, traffic soon reached a small peak. When the flow down, continue to follow reports, writing soft text on the media, traffic soon to a peak. Shortly after the end of the campaign, once again to strengthen publicity reports, traffic once again rose to a small peak, after the event resumed to normal.

this is the entire promotion process of this activity, before the warm-up activities, after the activities of on-line use of all resources concentrated outbreak. Follow up reports on activity progress, real-time monitoring data. Whenever the flow rate drops, we will try to step up publicity and push the activity forward. After the event to rehabilitation, to build trust between enterprises and customers.

this work will make a plan before the event, before the event to preheat? On the line after the event to use the channel promotion, how to promote the follow-up report? What time? How to adjust the plan according to the data and so on. Do enough of this work, at least in terms of exposure rates.

maybe the text is difficult to understand. I’ll make a metaphor, just like what we usually do

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