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without effective protection of innovation, there will be no innovation. We have no Jobs, no Zuckerberg, not the national quality, but the system.


in this series of two articles (the front back to this point, the point of this), we talked about the two aspects of how to optimize the performance of digital electronic commerce key: identify the key driving factors, analyze and try to enhance the key driving factors. In this section, we will show how the effort to improve key drivers can eventually be achieved through some specific methods.


remember we previously mentioned optimization path? In this path, we emphasize starting from the definition of KBR, then the decomposition of driving factors affecting the performance of KBR, and then determine the driving factors which is the basic driving factors, which is the basis of non driving factors, and then try to analyze the driving factors and to improve the foundation, the same, try to analyze non basic driving factors and to improve the test, after these improve your effectiveness and improve the effective fixation (optimization). Since optimization can not be directed at all groups and interests, you will need to do dynamic processing on the basis of optimization.


diagram 1

today, let’s take a look at the tests and customization, and how the two of them will optimize our efforts to finally land.

analysis is not all

website analysis (Web Analytics), or digital marketing analysis (Digital Marketing Analytics) worth mentioning, have inadvertently emphasized for us the importance of "analysis".

analysis is very important, especially in our country and so complex that resembles the true chaos, no serious analysis independent of facts, we cannot find a variety of features that many more will be some truth, we have to fear the power of worship around you. But for the commercial purposes of the website we want to optimize, the analysis is not all.

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I have said (http://s.chinawebanalytics.cn/10rules-for-using-wa-tools-1/, principle five), in most cases, web site analysis tools to be able to tell you what happened (what), but not directly help you answer causes these conditions (why). In order to find the cause as much as possible, we then use one of the most basic >

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