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has been a webmaster for over a year, although it is not very successful, but in general, it has its own brand website. It is not easy to build a brand on the Internet, and in a short time it is impossible to build a successful brand website. Website brand needs the accumulation of website resources, the growth of website survival time, the accumulation of visitors and visits, the innovation and simplicity of website content, and the personalized style of websites.


;     here’s how I made a brand website: the webBefore the

website starts to do, most webmaster will decide what type of website to be made, what kind of program is used, what kind of template is used, the choice of the domain name, the website column planning and so on. And to build a brand website, these are the most basic necessary knowledge, but also must be implemented. Xiaonei code I do now, I believe few Xiaonei code owners will not know, do not engage in campus network code will not know my website, my website is the school network code (, the site has been Baidu site –> blog collection. Interested can enter the Baidu web site (, computer network –> left; blog (



1. domain name selection and site positioning

What do

website, take what kind of domain name, if you can see from the domain name on the site is what to do, it is the best of the domain name, usually easy to remember the best, because it is easy to input simple, easy to remember. One less to lose two letters, visits a day in 2000, can lose many letters? A year can reduce the number of keys, of course this is a joke, is to input more smoothly, can sometimes be considered letters + numbers with the domain name, when there is no short domain such as:, School net 8. Simple and easy to remember, and the campus network, campus network website named code, site location, i.e. Xiaonei website code.

2. program selection and template (style) design

program selection is very important, generally speaking, it is not easy to individual owners to build a website early if you choose what kind of program, if you want to change the program or the late revision, it could change the structure and database of the website, this collection is detrimental to the search engine for non-technical webmaster more difficult the. So, what did you decide on earlier?

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