Big Wuhan circle stationmaster Chen Liang’s three year wind and rain stationmaster Road

, I can’t walk on my own way,


left the company, choose entrepreneurship, is my life a new beginning of the road, from February 2006 to date, has been almost three years time, have to admit that, for three years, I have been deeply in love with IT.

to tell you the truth, I only did not receive IT education orthodox, to ask me to explain what is called IT this word, I’m sure that is not clear. But today, I also count as a IT person, I am using my own efforts to rush myself, step by step,


on technology, capital theory, theory of contacts, I do not have any advantage, and select IT to finalize the website operation, and encourage competition among thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, to the hard way and sharpen


preparation site construction date

building a website of my own has always been my dream, although my personal blog has been officially in early 2006, but this is a purely personal space, there is no clear theme. University has been the Internet observation, coupled with their own IT network of hobbies and expertise, I first choose to build a IT industry class web site.

actually, when I was in college, I made several stations for myself. The free two level domain name and free space, then all the free services were closed, and my station was shelved. Although this period has not made any fame, but to the station construction knowledge, especially HTML and JavaScipt quite familiar. I think, this is my site of the warm-up bar. Then I went to work and did exactly the construction and promotion of the company’s website. During this period, I had a full understanding of the Internet and e-commerce, and I was thinking of running my own website.

as gehangrugeshan, I choose computer network technology as the starting point of this website, I have a few years of practical experience, also have a certain ability to use. I know this kind of station on the Internet but the real success of innumerable, did not, in any case, first try. In planning, now dare not say, after all, the practice of real knowledge.

after a period of preparation and study, I IT technology in September 25, 2006 officially launched, it is until today the Westfold IT network. This station has developed from the beginning of the pure forum to today’s comprehensive IT technology network covering information, technology tutorials, forums and social networking.

The first

and Chinese laggards webmaster nets

online on-line fast one month, has not done any maintenance and promotion work, a work too busy, no time to promote, two is now or rookie, don’t know promotion. "Work is the best thing to do, you must benefit from it," so I try my best to study in my spare time. Some time ago, to know a webmaster predecessors, to me recommended two domestic best webmaster website, namely the laggards and China webmaster station. Just a few days, I learned a lot of knowledge in the above, but also met a group of webmaster friends, often communicate with them

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