Can Baidu share traffic and improve rankings for its Web site

may be some webmaster recently in Baidu search, will notice some sites more than a "small hand", followed by numbers, such as:


in fact, this is the "Baidu share", has existed for some time, but not before Baidu released, now released, is used by more and more owners, but according to the authorities wolf observation, use is not particularly much, do not know the application of Baidu will flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. Now, let’s take a brief look at what this application actually does, and what Baidu’s original intention is.

, "Baidu share" tittle and promotional language are "Baidu share" – to bring you more traffic". Baidu share notes "steadily increase website traffic and search engine ranking Web2.0! With Baidu share button, let your website users to easily share content to Sina micro-blog, everyone SNS website, bring you more traffic."

from this note, it is easy to see, Baidu share can bring two benefits for the station: (1) bring traffic. (2) improve the ranking. Which struck the key head of the grassroots, grassroots webmaster are desperately wanted, and now, sns social sharing network where to go very influential, can see the share to each Sina micro-blog, micro-blog, Tencent, happy net and so on button. Baidu and other search engines also said that to improve the SNS class social sharing for the weight of the site. Well, Baidu share can bring traffic and improve the rankings for the site?

first look at how to make your website share Baidu’s "little hand":

first step: enter Baidu share The second step: click the "get free code" to choose your favorite form of sharing. The third step: paste the resulting code to the page you want to share with Baidu, including the home page.

yes, it’s as simple as simple steps like putting an elephant in the fridge. You don’t even have to register, you can easily share Baidu without having to apply for it.

organ wolf also took out a web site to do the test, however, the short duration of the study, to be honest, except when in the search site, beyond a "small" look very seductive, also found no keywords ranking, website traffic has the obvious benefits of what.

first, "bring about traffic: the wolf thought organs, Baidu share saw is the user experience, when your website is really valuable information, timely sharing button, will let users, most willing to sincerely to take the initiative to share this website, this page. And if your website is only a shell, there is no substance, in today’s Internet users are extremely impulsive environment, willing to share the estimated people will be very small, or even zero, which will lose web2.0>

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