How to start the popularity of your forum

1, our forum is QQ space, every night to release some good QQ space module and the code, because I am still in school, I have to stand around my classmates publicity so every forum have hundreds of records, membership also slowly rise;

2, set different permissions on different sections of the forum, some visitors can enter, and some members can enter. For example, we have a forum, a tutorial area, and a visitor can enter. And the learning data download area will be accessible only to members. In order to download the learning materials, they will register.

3, people who like to play games like grades, so it’s a good idea to set them up. Posts to earn points, grades, can be set to what level, you can freely change avatar, to what level can enter certain sections, can attract members post;

4, set up in different sections of the post, you can get points is not the same. For example, the post score is high, the response score is low; the post of learning data score is high; the article of irrigation is low; in the learning materials section, the irrigation article, the deletion of the serious points, etc.;

5, third, fourth

, the membership upgrade system and post your reward system into a clear post, in the bulletin, advertised;

6, Baidu know, Search ask the question and answer, and other places, of course is different, or several administrators I asked you to answer. For example, asked: "where can I learn Korean free?"; "what to answer: what are the teacher teach for free, the address is at


7, built a pile of blog or community, for example, Sina blog, Baidu blog, MSN space, Baidu Post Bar, campus network group, match my tribe, and do not need to do so as long as a few of their full of sound and colour, forum posts attractive to transfer can attract people into your forum;

8, Baidu Post Bar, Tianya, and some other popular community, important is associated with their theme of the forum, post, but not very direct advertising, the ads are usually blocked, can refer to sixth points;

    9, build their own QQ group, the group number posted to the hot community posts. For example: "QQ space enthusiasts, please add my new Q group, the group number is * * *, you don’t understand, I can teach you oh". Every time we come in a new group, we have a group of "new people need to know", teach them to enter the forum, play in the forums and make new friends. Usually two or three days can fill up a group, our BBS now has more than 20 groups, of course, need a large number of responsible group tube;

10, we have classes every night, so we send a class announcement every day. The announcement, of course, has its own forum address. In this way, the forum will have a lot of hits every day and every day;

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