My T tribe has stood experience

has been wanting to write something recently, and today he can’t help it.

said that because of my cultural level is limited, may be in the following article will appear typos, a misnomer, the statement is not smooth as

, please forgive me!

this article is the process for me to do the station. Let’s begin,


1, subject selection,

choose a good website theme is really important, so the choice of what kind of theme can let oneself do have confidence? "Interested"! To choose the theme according to their interests, so do have positive xing. Do not blindly pursue the so-called hot class sites. I had three stations, because I am a computer professional, more love ", plane, hardware, and other computer related, three stations are my computer tutorial station, although not what hot station, but it is very hard, why the first two station I have closed, the first station is the time when the school is done, it let me into the door, although the highest daily site IP only reached more than 60, but I am still very happy. The second stop was closed because of the choice of space.

two, domain name and virtual host selection

theme has been chosen, then around the topic of a related domain name, for example: my website is computer information and tutorials, the first thought should be IT, PC or net, etc.. Then use these related words to go with other combinations, such as my: IT tribe, Now basically no short domain name, as well as

is very good!The new

should buy how much space? If you just like me the news articles of the site, it is recommended that you first start from 100M, the new general content and access the volume is not great, but like this type of site space is not a lot, buy too much is wasted, and enrich the content of the website the expansion is not late.

when choosing a space business, be sure to choose carefully, otherwise you’ll have time to use the garbage. I mentioned the second station I is because the virtual host I bought is very bad, every day appears several times, from thousands of IP down to a few hundred IP, it wasn’t long before I shut down, I find them N times, their solution is for more space, then I they are too lazy to go to arguments with customer service.

three, site program

my station uses the DEDECMS program, which is the official default template. Why would you use the default template?

1, I feel the default is not ugly, 2, I do not do templates, and do not want to download other people’s templates.

in the first contact with DEDECMS, really difficult, and even do not know how to classify, to the BBS post basically no answer. With QQ, replies are generally "busy"". So learn less when you are learning the program

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