Webmaster everyone has a dream of his own

as a station, everyone has a dream of his own. A few years ago, I wanted to be a station of the same kind of cattle as 163. Do stand before, want to be a station similar to others, especially in making money. Now still in the station, but has not wanted so much, just want to be a useful station. Some change is the accumulation of time, while doing stand I may still be a novice.

operations, everyone has a general dream. Change a word, also can show my mind at this time in the mind. In the beginning, I thought I was fighting with the same kind of station, but I didn’t find the direction after rushing up. And then began to search engine warfare, hope to kill secretly. In the end, Baidu shakes, the forward becomes a guard, and even gets laid off. Time has taught us the real meaning of war, or perhaps we have not yet understood it.

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