Monthly income of students in the school, sharing the experience

think about their immersion in the computer industry has also been a few years, on the secondary school, nothing learned, all day indulging in the network. Later, I found a way to get rich. Yes, the three hundred and sixty line is the best".

When the

was started in a domain name registered to, I believe many people like me, have their own domain name, but do not know which direction to development, the phrase "to choose the industry selection work is more important." Now this society, what website not only innovation can succeed, after all, the first person to eat crabs, more or less will be accounted for some advantages, but also to add their own efforts, class time, most of the time I was holding the computer books buried hard head. The sky will not fall pie without any cause or reason.

later, the combination of theory with practice, firstly I vigorously promote the name of their own, including take it to participate in the competition, which stand on the game because many years past had forgotten, so how much weight can increase their own website. This domain name really didn’t disappoint me. It took place in the fierce competition of many competitors. The result also stimulated my interest in building a website. First of all, I should love my party. It was found the novel is a good market, so I used the domain name of the novel development station, rented a server, updated every day, often pay attention to what’s the most popular novel, which most people search, my background program is also very convenient application, including many small details are very careful, many the webmaster do stand for Baidu to look at money or deal with your boss, do a pretty shell is not, I do this station is more novel readers, make them easier to read, so I gave it the name "every day" to love novels of Internet users every day to browse. In this way, bit by bit, accumulated, much better than doing fine, I put my mind on this site above. Baidu in less than a week included the my site, two weeks to the front pages of PR from 1 to 2, and jumped on the 4. day I stand to browse IP 10000, which makes me very excited, but after that things aren’t like start smoothly. "Days will be down to the great man also, must suffer the labor of their bones," the maintenance of the website security is also very important, after all the fall, will also have a website developed envy. In the course of the development of setbacks encountered far more than this one, but all through their patience and perseverance to overcome.

so, I do not go out of the students began to taste the benefits, every day only spent a little time back home dormitory, from GOOGLE to Baidu to many advertising connections, get a lot of corresponding returns. Become classmates, the first to start making money, but also one of the most expensive pockets. The teacher teaches in the class is only some shallow knowledge, more is needs us to study. Science and technology are indeed the primary productive forces.

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