Ninghai is now 111 years old birthday the eldest son was 91 years old

there is an old house as a treasure, Ninghai has such a has been as high as 111 year old birthday, she was born in the late Qing Dynasty years, the eldest son has been 91 years old this year, a total of 74 children of the family.

villagers said, is that children see older.

111 year old stocky body, gently toward each to see her nod and smile, to see her personally to each junior hung a red symbol of longevity.

An old man

when Yao said, the elderly diet is very common, early love to eat meat, then eat staple food, but has been a variety of coarse grains. Only a little special, that is, more than 20 years ago, she fell in love with honey, every morning will drink up to two spoons.

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