Zhang Guangnian open nternet cafes can not just to make money

a lot of people may feel strange, since invested a lot of money to open Internet cafes, not to make money for what? If you open the Internet cafes, are naturally going to make money, and I am afraid that is the common aspiration of countless shopkeepers, however, Zhang Guangnian has a different experience, to see how he understood?

my home is located in the main street, is also the outskirts of the city, traffic is very convenient, the town’s largest school on this road. So, half of the store’s business is from the consumer. A few years ago, the popular Internet cafes, I saw this opportunity, the use of the family’s three empty houses bought dozens of computers, run from the Internet business. You also say, at the beginning of the business really very prosperous, especially after school and a day of rest, it is hard to find a machine, some students still here at night.

later, I gradually found, usually to Internet cafes to find children’s family gradually increased, here are hentiebuchenggang a face. Really, the Internet is not only to earn net money, but also led to the cooking material and food consumption, with the Internet business is prosperous, I found a strange phenomenon, the nearby village villagers come here to buy something less.

did not care at the beginning, and later saw the village people go to the streets to buy goods, mostly I have here, the price is not expensive, how is this going on? A village in my cousin to eat lunch here, I tell my questions. My cousin, you have said this, I also feel shy about the people in the village, now you have to say, children are not learning all day, playing games in Internet cafes here you come again, not to bad words you do not listen to a family, which also comes to you buy things.

words made me realize. I think, with the popularization of computer, the Internet business is definitely getting worse, one day can not go on Internet cafes, shops will not open, will provoke criticism, also as early as possible to.

a few days later, Internet cafes are also very influential business, my computer sold 2/3, leaving only ten taiwan. And the people allowed to come to the Internet: one is the night night every day at noon; two is just an hour, an hour afternoon to evening; three is the Sunday afternoon open for a long time; the four is to uninstall the computer on all the big game. As a result, the flow of people suddenly down. The original line of the Internet phenomenon is gone, on the ten computers, or cold, usually to the students, mostly here to find information to learn to use.

some people see me doing this, saying that I am stupid, looking at a lot of money will not earn, I can only smile to answer. Fewer people on the Internet, and the popularity of the retail store has come up, everyone is very admire this thing.

in recent years, with the popularity of computers,

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