What are 1000 yuan entrepreneurial projects

1000 yuan venture, which in many people’s view is simply a matter of the Arabian Nights, the market really have such a project? 1000 yuan entrepreneurial projects? A lot of people have questions, today Xiaobian to recommend a few only need 1000 yuan will be able to start a good project, come and see.

1000 yuan entrepreneurial projects which? Solar gift:

1000 yuan entrepreneurial projects which? Technical broker

1000 yuan entrepreneurial projects which? Insect nutrition food

insect active protein known as new human nutrition food for twenty-first Century! Make the taste of fresh food Molitor, and high nutrition, it is made into nutritional health products, can improve human immunity, anti fatigue, anti-aging, reducing blood fat, cancer and other effects. It also can be used as fresh feed of rare rare birds, animal, aquaculture, and artificial breeding is the main feed. Frass of feed composition, feeding effect is good; the frass do efficient biological organic fertilizer,   with good market prospects. Tenebrio scale breeding and industrialization project is the national animal husbandry and fishery harvest plan of key projects, was listed as " fifteen " project plan. Insects as a new dish of vegetables has been on the   the public dinner table, is about to eat seafood, as a fashion food consumption. The whole growth period of 45-65 days of Tenebrio molitor, adaptability, wheat bran, corn flour, crop straw, green vegetables, such as seedling vine   food, feed 1 times per day 5-7. The utility model has the advantages of high economic benefit, wide feed source, simple feeding facilities, good feeding, easy management, no disease, and can be kept by every household. Tenebrio molitor protein containing 61.5% fat, 29.3% carbohydrate 26>,  

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