The best choice for small entrepreneurs

entrepreneurs who want to start in terms of capital is too tight, the choice of the project must be more cautious. Of course, if the choice of the project, through a small business to achieve their vision of dream is possible, the following recommended several new products suitable for small business.

USB mini vacuum cleaner

upfront investment 3 thousand yuan, the first purchase of 200, the retail price of 15 yuan each, suggest the market retail price of over 32 yuan each, this is a kind of fashion avant-garde entrepreneurial projects, and compared with the high-tech development needs of the market, investment son report quickly.


now, especially in today’s urban population, the pursuit of health is very high, many people are beginning to love in your office or home flowers, but flowers need a lot of attention and skill, so this thing is the market, how much you need to have many of these input.

manual cloth products

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