Hand torn face 3 years of 350 thousand miracle

diet is an indispensable part of people’s lives, of course, makes him become one of the directions in the field of investment must not mention. 3 years can earn a tear of the hand of the face of the 350 thousand, who can think of a small noodles inside it contains so much energy!

The reason

1998 at the end of the year, he opened a snack bar, income, of course, stronger than work. Henan Biaojiu to the northeast, with mention of aunt do tear face. Uncle just about Zhang Zhiquan, but in the heart. To ask out, Biaojiu said it was not clear, but said, will ask you what the future aunt!! the second day, he closed the store, and his wife went to Henan to aunt to the northeast. At that time, just on impulse, I did not expect today is to rely on eat this bowl face made a home.

back after nearly a month of time, Zhang Zhiquan’s snack shop has been operating. He began to study the practice of the whole process of hand tearing. And face, face up, tear face and various soup preparation, he repeatedly tested thousands of times a month, actually spent 7 bags of flour. Well, friends reflect the delicious noodles, noodle, good taste.

At a

index to an accuracy of two, money, minute and second hand pull noodle production method has been formed. He took the snack bar sign, openly made a light box, "green hand face" bright beat out.

this street, Lanzhou Chenmian, Shougan, Steamed Jiaozi appears cold pasta etc..

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