Drinks can be selected to join C D

people’s daily life consumption has a form, that is, there will always be some consumer necessities in life, dispensable, but we are all keen on consumption, such as milk tea. For small business operators, open a tea shop will be a good choice. Food and beverage market is very large, it is obvious to all of us, but in the face of so many brands, what good to join it? Small series recommended for you can be C D.

drinks can choose C can join D?

headquarters professional R & D

company headquarters has a large number of practical experience in R & D team, beverage research institute, brand planning experts, brand three-dimensional design experts, brand management expert, brand experts specializing in R & D and production, professional, I have no people, I have new people.

company adopts the internationalization and modernization of management mode, with rigorous scientific concept of service, continuous innovation, continuous improvement in health drinks, and the success of the integration of many drinks industry resources, has become a leader in the industry chain and oxygen, leading and opened a new chapter in fruits and vegetables plus oxygen health. Created a low threshold, high profit fashion investment projects for the majority of businesses to provide a fast track to start a business.

flexible cooperation

brand shop: the site can be located in the pedestrian street, tourist areas, cinemas, communities, schools and other bustling areas, the larger flow of people, the development of large-scale stores operating. When the first store on the right track, you can also seek to expand the development of the city in the same area can invest in a number of chain stores.

store: you can choose schools, enterprises and institutions canteens, bars, stores and other places to open cooperation dessert shop, co operating with its organization, you can omit the cost of rent, but also can reduce the operational risk, with the popularity and visibility, to bring new business, this is a good way to shoot two hawks with one arrow, and because the C can D the concept of new business philosophy and health products to attract a lot of people, it will be very willing to this relationship of mutual benefit for the original mechanism.

shop: the shop is set up shop in the shopping mall, shopping malls, university dining hall, people can use the original drive business, but also a lot cheaper rent than the downtown location, lower cost, traffic and security, it is a win-win effect.

heart shop: this type of store does not need to open much, according to their own economic situation, can be small, flexible location, more peace of mind. You can choose the downtown business district, commercial street, pedestrian street, street, street, mature community, residential area, activity area or shopping center

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